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Kate Miller (Jenny Maass) chose what she thought would be an interesting doctorate project: studying a meteorite that crashed in 1894. The meteorite, enclosed in a mysterious field, had been in storage for over 80 years. Using the latest scientific equipment, Kate takes on the challenge of understanding the field and its properties.

As Kate starts to unravel the secrets of the quantum field, she realizes there is more than meets the eye. Soon Kate and fellow grad student Brian (Aaron Johnson) start attracting attention. In trying to keep this powerful device out of the wrong hands, they get caught between truth and secrets. What would people do in a world without secrets? Where whispered words could be retrieved at the push of a button? Who could be trusted? Where would you hide? Could anyone be taken at their word?
Kate and Brian will have to figure out how to stay alive while keeping the "Snitch" safe. The battle to give truth the edge begins now, because Information = Power!